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CAI is a thirdperson puzzle game with a robot companion also named CAI.

You have one objective. Restore the energy system of this mysterious complex. But you won’t overcome the technical challenges of this lost place by yourself. The robotical support unit CAI will be by your side. Point CAI to the places you can’t reach and together you will solve the puzzles of this enigmatic construction.


Awake the core and solve the puzzle rooms by unlocking the security doors and reactivating the energy bridges by reconnecting the laser elements. You need the support unit CAI to fulfill your tasks.


 Explore this strange complex and discover the secrets behind the shutdown of this obscure construction. Reveal the reason for your assignment and who the client is.


 Eric Kirschstein

 Programming, Level Design, Audio, 3D Assets 

 Thomas Pommerening 

 Programming, Shader, PuzzleDesign, LevelDesign, Animation 

 Gerrit Grieger 

 CharacterDesign, 3D Assets, 2D Assets 

 Peter Kirschstein 


We are working on

Rework Protagonist and Animations

Implementing the Story

Try out some other Shaders

2 to 4 more puzzle levels

performance improvement for low end computers

Current System Requirements

3gb disc space 

2gb ddr ram

5gb gpu ram

dx11 and shader model 5.0 or higher


cai-win.zip 843 MB
Version 1.0.1 69 days ago

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